Articles on NewMusicBox

At the end of October I was in Chicago for the premiere of my friend and teacher Joel Feigin’s opera, Twelfth Night. When I turned on my phone upon landing I had an email from NewMusicBox’s editor, Molly Sheridan, asking if I’d be up for being a guest columnist for the month of November. Apparently my friend Isaac Schankler recommended me (I’m mentioning that so that you go check out Isaac’s music – he’s an awesome composer). Of course I said yes! I really enjoy writing, and always read NewMusicBox, so felt super complimented that they’d asked.

I sent them one article a week through November, and each was edited by Molly and Frank Oteri. I’ve never really had an editor before, and I’ve gotta say, I loved it. They played devil’s advocate really well and definitely made my articles a lot stronger. So thanks, guys!

The four articles all have to do with my approaches to music, but more in a philosophical sense than a technical one. All are available at I’ve also re-organized my site’s writing page. It’s at