Huge concert on May 5th, a couple interviews

On May 5 I’m having the first evening-length concert of my music at Art Share. I’m calling it Music for Art Galleries, because it is at an art gallery, and also because that’s the name I’ve been using for my solo set, which will make an appearance on the second half. But this is far from a solo show. The lineup is actually kind of insane: Justine Aronson, Richard Valitutto, Brian Walsh, Adriane Hill, Madeline Falcone, Rachel Iba, Diana Wade, Ashley Walters, Miller Wrenn, and Brandon Rolle are all joining my band for the night. Whoa. There’ll be some new video work with my partner Kelly McGillicuddy too. And Jason Barabba is making beer-themed desserts. It’s going to be quite a party. Tickets are pay-what-you-want and are available at

I have been doing a little bit of press ahead of this show, and there are two interviews that have been published this week. The first one, with New Classic LA, is HERE and the writer, Elliott Goldkind, went really, really deep. I was expecting to plug a couple of pieces and he started out with my childhood, so there’s that. The second one is up on UCSB’s website, as this show is in fact doubling as my PhD recital. That one is at