Melding Plague

A couple of posts back I mentioned my love of Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space series of books. In those books there’s a thing called the melding plague, which infects mechanical devices and causes them to spread to and engulf whatever happens to be around them. I think a similar thing happens in Akira, but it’s been forever since I’ve watched it. Anyway, I think my studio has caught this disease, as it seems to keep expanding. Now, in addition to the second keyboard and second monitor, I’ve also added a glockenspiel. My Peavey 6505+ is out of the frame of the picture, but is dramatically encroaching on my roommate’s desk. There are now guitars in four rooms, and our linen closet is filled with mic stands. My pedal board has had to move to my bedroom, but I think we’re going to build a shelf for the keyboard so that we can remove the stand, and put the pedal board directly below it. The next addition is likely going to be an Orange Rockerverb 50, but that’s going to take a little more capital than is currently available. Also, I think what should be my sock/underwear drawer is filled with extra cables.

Yes, I have indeed caught the music equipment buying bug, but I am very happy to be afflicted.